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Sunset Lounge

Some say that one of the most beautiful sunsets in the region is in Reserva. We agree. It is really amazing... and every day different. The photos do not need a filter. The schedule is sacred. The gin and tonic of the sunset is a sacred moment of the day. It will be silent, the moment the sun goes down until it dives into the sea. Another day is over...


Country, pizzas, sunset, gin and music - it's not what defines @country.pizzabar but these attributes are part of the coolest place in summer and it has everything to be magical in winter.

Frederico, son of this land, has returned home to showcase his craft.
Trained by the APW (Italian association), he is the 1st Portuguese instructor certified by the association. With the aim of changing paradigms and preconceptions, Chef Fred shows with an artist's refinement that it is possible to combine Italian culture with Portuguese gastronomic tradition.

Beatriz, a city girl, in love with good food, swapped the hustle and bustle of the city for the countryside. She welcomed the lifestyle with open arms as well as those who visit her space, as if they were at home. Ask for a signature cocktail such as "Libelinha" (Little Dragon Fly - Tequila with berries) or a gin and tonic to accompany the moment of leisure, the stunning view and the sunset over the horizon. 

The Alentejo has everything to make a pizza par excellence: The tomato. The wheat. The olive oil. Sourcing the local product and also producing the raw material itself - that's the identity of this young chef. The elements of our land, the coast, the countryside and the prairie, the vegetable garden and fire were the inspiration for the names of the house dishes.

The dough kneader belongs to Fred's grandmother, the one she used to make bread at home.
The work on the dough focuses on maturation and fermentation that can take between 24h and 48h, in order to offer a pizza of enormous lightness and easy digestion, with gluten levels below 10%. 

Accompanied by the freshest and excellent quality ingredients such as burrata, basil, semi-dried tomatoes, truffles or pine nuts, these two visionaries are changing the concept of fast food pizza to slow food pizza.

Reservations: WhatsApp only: +351 913 087 650

Forged in the heat, amidst huge flames, we have our fantastic fire wizard, João Pacheco.
Passionate about world cuisine, with Alentejo roots, Chef João decided to create a restaurant where grilled food is queen.

From coloured vegetables, to Alentejo's planks with local meat of the best quality, restaurant FOGGO defines itself as new, irreverent, disruptive and above all, hot - very hot!

And of course, to complete this journey of flavours forged at FOGGO, you can't miss the incredible cocktails prepared by the magnificent Nico.


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