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Visual Artist João Teixeira "BRUTO"

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

🎨 João Teixeira, aka Bruto, born in Alvalade Sado, ventured at 17 and went to live in Lisbon where he found Art and Design. He developed his techniques and concepts always looking for a very own style, the being authentic. During several years in the capital he grew as a self-taught artist.

🎨 After some time he returned to his motherland, where he adopted his art - he created the brand "Bruto" - paintings and sculptures made from recycled materials such as wood, metal, fabric, cork - materials that no longer have use. And so they gain a new life as art. With more and more certainty about his enthusiasm, he started to produce bigger and more consistent works.

Nothing is created without inspiration - João also gets it from other artists he admires and then interprets it in his own very personal way.

🖼️ One of the last works he produced was a recreation on a wooden "canvas" of Picasso's painting "Guernica", modifying it to "Bruénica"! The images are in their original place, recharacterised for typical Portuguese characters.

His type of clients are private collectors who appreciate art and different concepts. For those who like something irreverent with a very special stamp!

Atelier: Alvalade-Sado".

For more information ask the reception.

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