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SASHIMI | Sto André (15 min)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

If you love sushi and cannot go a day without eating a nigiri or sashimi, this Japanese restaurant is a must. Located in Santo André, it is known for its quality sushi and locals can't get enough of the "all you can eat" and sushi buffet. Ask for a table, choose how many pieces you want and try not to have more eyes than belly. They also have take-away, in case you want to taste your sushi at Reserva Alecrim under the stars: check the menu, place your order and enjoy your sushi dreams anywhere. Because once a sushi lover, always a sushi addict.

Our suggestion: "All you can eat" menu!

Place: Bairro das Torres, 1 (Vila Nova de Santo André)

Tel: +351 925 740 887 (also for orders out) | Price range: $$

Note: Open every day! Take away

How to get there

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