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Updated: May 6, 2021

SAFARI Park, Santiago do Cacém - 5km from Reserva Alecrim

Experience a safari adventure and embark on an incredible journey where you will feel the diversity of wild Africa. In this space, eighteen different species coexist, with about 230 animals, including giraffes, orchids, zebras, buffaloes, ostriches, impalas and wildebeests. (Scroll down for further information)

The entry fee includes:

Badoca Safari, presentation of Birds of Prey, presentation of the Lemurs, visit to the Island of Primates; Outdoor Walking: Farm with domestic animals, Tropical and African Forest, Suricatas, Kangaroos, Facoqueros, Presentation of reptiles.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday 9h30-17h

Values: children 0-3 free| 4-10 years and seniors € 15.90 | adults € 17.90

VIP Experiences: VIP Safari - € 79 | VIP Safari w/ breakfast € 120 | VIP Safari w/ dinner € 150

One of the best experiences of Alentejo is only 5 minutes from Reserva Alecrim. Start living your experience just before arriving in Badoca. Choose one of our Safari Tents to feel the real emotion of the African Savannah

A guide to the park ensures a detailed explanation of the species satisfying all the doubts and curiosities of visitors. The biological characteristics, habitat, feeding, reproduction and conservation status of each species are reported as the animals are observed.

The Badoca Safari Park has the animals free in an area of 45 hectares in order to provide the best conditions for animal welfare, offering a more realistic representation of the functioning of ecosystems, which is not the case in captivity, characteristic of traditional zoos.

A morning or afternoon very well spent. Take the time to take advantage of the park's infrastructure. There is plenty to visit even before the Safari, a great playground and a charming picnic area.


Venture into the turbulent waters of African rafting.

Immersed in all African settings and the animals that make it up, African Rafting is an activity designed for those who like strong emotions! It is on board a pneumatic boat, in which 9 people can range 500 meters of turbulent waters that circulate in a recreated environment.

This activity can you get wet and is not recommended for pregnant women, people with reduced mobility and back problems. Only children from 0.90m are allowed. Children up to 1.30m, it is compulsory to be accompanied by an adult.

Timetable set on the day of the visit.

Price: 3€

Duration approximately 10 minutes.

Young people love it and so do older people. A relaxed way to have some laughs with some adrenaline.


Meet the imposing carnivorous birds in an unforgettable free flight presentation.

At the orders of a trainer, eagles, owls and vultures are some of the stars of this show, which through their flight they make known their main characteristics and their behaviour, related to their different habitats. Also highlighted is the way in which the anatomy of birds is closely linked to the fact that they are predators or scavengers. In this demonstration some walking birds such as calau and seriema, so different from other birds, also participate.

Visitors are thus called to interact with these magnificent animals, in simulations of hunting scenes as it happens in the wild.

Duration approximately 30 minutes.

Schedule: 11h00/16h00

For technical, climatic or zoological reasons, some activities may not be available and their schedules may be subject to change, however Badoca Safari Park does not guarantee the reimbursement of the ticket.

With a real interaction with the birds you will be able to feel and, who knows, touch real flying emotions... it's case to say... Badoca gives you wings!


Have fun watching our primates and their incredible resemblances to man!

The large islands of primates, with their size and complexity, recreate a natural environment where common chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), sacred baboons (Papio hamadryas) and mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx) live. This infrastructure is made up of three islands, each with about 1600m2 and a central collection area that allows the species to be managed in perfect conditions of safety and animal welfare.

The animals, in conditions similar to the wild state, behave innately and as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, make visitors aware of the importance of preserving and conserving not only endangered species but also their habitats.

It is here that the Badoca Safari Park medical-veterinary team sets up a detailed monthly environmental enrichment programme in which the islands are "enriched" according to the behavioural demands of the species. Every week structural novelties are introduced into the environment or modifications are made to the facilities in order to stimulate behaviour similar to a healthy animal in its natural habitat. An example of this is the way the animals are fed based on novelty, variety and reward. The food can be hidden, whole or scattered. Thus, seeds and honey are placed inside trunks with holes and the animals with the help of sticks have to remove them to feed themselves, as happens in nature in the case of hives from which they remove honey and termite mounds from which they feed. The variety is also very important for the palate and therefore includes gelatine, orange juice, various fruits, yoghurt, rice, boiled egg or vegetables. Smelling plants such as parsley, coriander or rosemary are also placed in the plant to stimulate the animals' sense of smell and curiosity.

The chimpanzees of Badoca Safari Park

The common chimpanzee family (Pan troglodytes), which lives in Badoca Safari Park, consists of a male, two females and a cub: Jonas, a dominant male who likes to eat onions and tomatoes. Ema who likes to throw pinecones and fruit at visitors and loves milk. The restless and naughty Flor who plays with the apples by throwing them out of the island and actively gesturing to attract attention and Djambow, the little cub is very amusing and playful showing off to the attendants fooling around.

The chimpanzees are very agile and skillful animals that need complex environments to make their demonstrations of strength because they have a constant physical activity.

They have been an icon of wildlife conservation since Jane Goodall began her research in 1960 in Tanzania. The importance is that since then physiological, aetiological studies and fossil remains have shown an incredible similarity between these animals and humans. Chimpanzees have a basic culture and are able to solve problems using abstract intelligence. They have the ability to decide, to empathize and to put themselves in the other's place by speculating on the thoughts of others. In the history of the evolution of species they are our "close relatives" and we share with them a common ancestor. The first known primate appeared on earth 70 million years ago. The first hominids (Australopithecus) about 6 million years ago and the first men (Homo sapiens) only 50,000 years ago.

We share with the chimpanzees approximately 98.4% of the genetic code.

Their presence in Badoca Safari Park gives us the opportunity to talk about the conservation of tropical forests and the trafficking of these animals to market their meat ("bushmeat"), the use of animals in biomedical experimentation, animal trafficking and the very history of evolution.

Many species to see up close and to be able to get in touch with all the transformations we had to have until we reached our state of development.


Meeting with the Giraffes

If you are a fan of the tallest mammal on the planet and enjoy adventure, take a private jeep to meet the herd of giraffes. Experience exclusive moments in close contact with these animals of the rothschild subspecies, one of the most threatened in the world.  Accompanied by an attendant enter a shelter over 10 meters high, interact and feed these animals, and do not miss the opportunity to take unique pictures.


  • Experience lasting approximately 2 hours;

  • Accompanied by an experienced and trained attendant;

  • Includes entrance to Badoca Safari Park;

  • Children up to 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult;

  • Experience subject to availability. Appointment required;

  • Price: € 79

You'll feel like a real handler of wild animals. You will see and feel what is reserved for only a few. If you can, don't hesitate. It's money well spent!

Falconry Experience

Live a unique experience of contact and relationship with adorable carnivorous birds.

Accompanied by a falconer you will have the opportunity to get to know the basic principles of the art of falconry and to train free-flying eagles, falcons, vultures, buffoons and owls and to interact with the imposing walking birds such as the calau and marabou.


  • Experience lasting approximately 1 hour;

  • Accompaniment of a trained and experienced attendant;

  • Includes entrance to Badoca Safari Park;

  • Children up to 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult;

  • Experience subject to availability. Appointment required;

  • Price: € 49

To feel closely the strength and intelligence of the birds, interacting with them.

For more information see Badoca Park official site.

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