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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

15 minutes from Reserva Alecrim

On the southern shore of the Santo André Lagoon Nature Reserve you will find one of the few beaches in Portugal without a concession - Praia do Monte Velho, which the locals also call Praia da Vacaria. In the middle of August walk 100 meters and have the beach deserted, just for you. Thick sand and an exclusive sea with crystal clear water with waves breaking on top of the beach. Flanked by dunes with the unmistakable appearance and scent of this area that give you all the privacy you need to date or have a picnic. Beware of the sea! This beach is not watched. The street leads to the car park and the walkway to the beach, which preserves the dunes intact. Monte Velho beach is perfect for a day of peace, sun and sea!

No surveillance

How to get there

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