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Updated: Sep 16, 2021


Morgavel Beach is surrounded by consolidated dunes that reach the peak of their beauty in spring. The wide variety of flora, present in the coastal dunes, makes the beach even more beautiful and the whole surrounding area also invites you to stroll or to hike.

Here, the "Ribeira de Morgavel" (stream) meets a spacious sandy beach bathed by the sea of transparent and crystalline waters. It has good access, is awarded with the blue flag and is frequented by surfers, bodyboarders and families with children who love to play in the pools of water that appear at low tide!

🍴 You can have lunch or dinner with the sunset on the horizon at the various waterfront restaurants of your choice.

🌞 Even in summer, people are scattered along the length of the beach which provides a certain privacy. It's hard to capture in photos or videos the feeling you take home after a day spent here!

How to get there

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