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LAGAR DO PARRAL | Olive Oil & Soap

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Olive oil from Lagar do Parral 5 minutes on foot

🌿 One of the closest neighbours of Reserva Alecrim: The Lagar do Parral which is on the street leading to the Reserva. The small shop in this refurbished old olive oil mill is always worth a visit. You can find local products such as virgin and extra virgin olive oil and vinegar or the newest product: the handmade olive oil soap enriched with local plants: rockrose and rosemary.

A family business for generations that has been maintained thanks to the intelligence, perspicacity and tenacious work capacity of brothers Armando and José Carlos, who for decades have masterfully recovered the family legacy, increased and modernised, making them one of the most successful businessmen in the region. Today, the business is in the hands of their daughters and son, but always under the watchful eye of their forefathers.

After more than 100 years of production, Azeite Parral combines the quality of production with the appropriate technological means and presents a production of excellence.

Besides its own products, produced in the Alentejo with great art, care and dedication, Lagar do Parral also offers regional products from other producers, such as homemade jams, fruit liqueurs and handicrafts of the region.

In a little chat with João Carlos - one of the lagar's co-owners - we take a look at this house's olive oil production.

Location: Ademas

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