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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

🌸 ISAURINDA PEREIRA - Art and Costume.

Isaurinda dedicated herself to scraps of cloth - to the creation of dolls with rags. In her shop "Arte e Traje" in Santo André you can find dolls and recreations of typical local costumes. In a very personal style and meticulous in detail, the artisan presents ancient professions of the Alentejo.

🧵 In exhibitions, she likes to label her pieces, sitting on a slate plate, signing them and adding a brief description, such as: " Farmer with cloak, breeches and gold chain holding the watch". Another example: "Ploughwoman wearing the costume of a rich ploughwoman with a gold cord and shawl". These are descriptions that go back to times already forgotten, making these dolls true works of art that tell stories of our ancestors and show professions that no longer exist today.

🛍️ You can visit the atelier and the Arte e Traje shop by appointment where you can also buy small souvenirs, such as keyrings or bags to put on your clothes, all handmade with a lot of care.

🛋️ If you're expecting a traditional shop, get ready to be invited to the house of an artist with the vision of keeping alive the memory of forgotten professions with a very homely and welcoming conversation.

Please ask for more information at the reception.

How to get there

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