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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

HORSE RIDING - Melides Rides

🐴 Horseback riding on the paths through the dunes, on the beach by the sea and in the lagoon of Melides is something that will free you deeply. It is the contact with the great spaces, the purity of the air, the immense sky, the forest, the birds, the short, the call of nature.

🐎 Luís and his guides share this passion for horses and the surrounding nature with you in a simple, natural and pedagogical way. They are well groomed and very tame horses for this activity that so many seek.

🌅 It's not only the beauty of nature, but it's the contact with this sensitive and powerful animal at the same time that will leave you with unforgettable memories. The walks go to Melides Lagoon overlooking the pine forest, discovering new places and scents, with the sea and the dunes on the horizon and Melides beach.

🌊 You can't describe or photograph what you'll feel in this beautiful setting. In the forest or on the beach, by the sea or on a cliff, walking and experiencing a new feeling of luxury - all this you find in @passeiosmelides.

HORSE RIDING TRACK - Melides 15 km from Reserva Alecrim

Choose the route of the dunes, beach and Melides Lagoon, to walk slowly and enjoy the beautiful botanical species that cover the sands.

Duration: 1h45

- Please ask for prices at the reception

HORSE RIDING TRACK - Comporta 40 km from Reserva Alecrim

This route runs along the rice paddies, through the pine forest and the dunes until you reach the beach, a paradise sandy Atlantic coast to lose sight of.

Duration: 1h45

- Please ask for prices at the reception

HORSE RIDING TRACK - Porto Covo 35 km from Reserva Alecrim

With the Alentejo Coast as the backdrop, during horseback riding, you will feel a real pleasure discovering nature among mountains, valleys and the sea. On this route you will walk overlooking the island of Pessegueiro in Porto Covo by the sea.

Duration: 1h

- Please ask for prices at the reception


Please ask for more information and prices at the reception


HORSE RIDE with Picnic (Melides) 15 km from Reserva Alecrim

Add to your horse ride an end with a picnic by the Chef of Two Pack Kitchen, which will be delivered to you at the end of the horse walk. You can enjoy your picnic basket in the stables hut or you can take it to the dunes and picnic at sunset.

Duration: 1h30


HORSE BATISM - Herdade do Pessegueiro (Porto Covo) 35 km from Reserva Alecrim

The baptism on horseback contemplates a set of tasks that are done with the horses and their equipment before and after riding:

Pick up the horse from the field, treat the horse, give it a bath or brush it, learn how to equip it. Then you ride the horses for 1 hour. At the end, arrange the equestrian equipment. You will never forget this direct contact with a horse!

Duration: 1h30


HORSE RIDE + WINE TASTING 15 km from Reserva Alecrim

from Herdade do Cebolal or Brejinho da Costa (Melides)

After your horse ride along the beach and the Melides Lagoon, you can have a wine tasting at the hut by the horses. During the tasting you can taste three distinct and elegant wines, produced at Herdade do Cebolal or Herdade do Brejinho da Costa, both located on the Alentejo coast.


HORSE RIDE + LUNCH with private Chef (Melides) 15 km from Reserva Alecrim

After your horse ride on the beach and at Melides Lagoon, you can have lunch in the hut by the horses with the private chef of Two Pack Kitchen just for you!

Price of the ride + chosen menu

Meat menu: € 130 / 2 persons (or € 35 if more persons)

Fish Menu: € 150/ 2 people (or € 45-50/ person if more persons)

The menu consists of an appetizer, main course meat/fish/ seafood on the grill, dessert and a bottle of wine for two people. In case of food intolerance the menu may be adjusted.

To ride the horses you don't need to have any equestrian experience, as the horses are extremely calm and gentle.

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