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HONEY | Beekeeper Fábio Gonçalves

HONEY - Beekeeper Fábio Gonçalves

🐝 Honey, wax, pollen, propolis, wax candles - all this is product of Fábio Gonçalves' best friends - the bees!

🍯 Beekeeping came into his life when a swarm appeared in the backyard of his grandparents' house and he decided to keep it. Considering that his grandparents had already had bees, this boosted his desire to be a beekeeper even more! This was 14 years ago. Since then, especially in springtime - when bees produce more honey with the abundance of flowers in the Alentejan countryside - Fabio has followed the transformation of flower nectar into honey by his "girls" with passion. They bring this valuable nectar, store the honey in the honeycombs of their hives to serve them as food at times when the Alentejo turns into a golden landscape, abundant with sunshine.

🐻 I'm sure you've seen some wooden boxes - often coloured - scattered around the fields. In our surroundings you can buy this absolutely pure honey in Santiago, Vilanova de Santo André, Cercal and Sines. Honey is one of the most nutritionally richest foods in the world - and with Fabio you might even find out, which mountain or forest his darling girls have been to!

💛 Here's a tip - never kill a bee! We really need them...

Where to buy this pure honey: Minimercado Barão in Santiago. , Agriloja Santiago, Garrafeira a Talha in Sines, Dona Fruta in Sines, Lusorações in Sines, Supermercado da Bela in Sines, Porto-Covo Market, Quiosque Largo dos Caeiros in Cercal, Minimercado Coviran in Cercal, Talho do Zé Acácio in Cercal, etc....

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