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BLACK PIG GIN | Destillery (5 min)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Very near to Reserva Alecrim you will find the Black Pig Distillery with its award winning gin all over the world. The hosts will be happy to provide a guided tour of the distillery, after that order a Gin, a Rum or a Medronho, prepared in the manner of the house with simplicity and with the authentic botanicals and aromas of the Alentejo "montado" and the season. Savor time on the elevated esplanade on the tops of the trees or in the bar. Forget the hours and venture into the inner trail where you can meet the inhabitants who give the house its name and hear and feel the diversity of the flora and fauna of the estate with its wild strawberry trees, forest and hills with resting points on wooden banks and swing nets. Go with time and without hurry to leave.

Location: N261, 7500-011 Santiago do Cacém

(scroll down for further information of a walking trail to the destillery)

Gin Trail

Information about the trail: We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes, since the trail has some parts where we cross some brambles or we have to take the bike (in case you decide to go by E-bike) by hand. Take the day off for a walk or hike through this olive grove that never ends and try the best local Gin, "Black Pig". At the end of the tour you can enjoy a good Gin and Tonic or a Mojito under the cork oaks, after visiting the distillery that made everyone around here drink Gin. Don't drink too much, you still have to go back to your Amazing Glamping.

The signs along the trail are red.

Signs:↰ Turn left, ↱ Turn right, = good direction, x Don't go

Length: 13.87 km | Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 2h - walk: 1:12h minutes |

High lift: 156 m | Low lift: 38 m - Circular rail

You can download the Wikiloc app - search "Rota circular Gin Black Pig Reserva Alecrim".

- Ask the reception for further information on renting a E-Bike!

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