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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

RENT A BICYCLE Mountain Bike or E-Bike starting from Reserva Alecrim

You can choose to rent your bike or E-Bike for a biking tour during your stay and venture into the paths and trails marked around Reserva Alecrim. (3 signed trails and the rest of the free nature that surrounds us.)

Mountain Bike | Scott MTB Aspect 26"

Mountain Bike | Scott MTB Aspect 740 Disk 27.5" /Aspect 930 Disk 29" / Scott Hybrid/Touring Sub-Comfort /Sportester - 28" / Scott MTB Models Junior 16"/ 20"/24"

E-Bike | Scott: MTB (E-SCALE 910)-29" or Hybrid/Touring Sub-Sport 28"

E-Bike | Top Model MTB (E-RIDE 10)-29"

Prices depend on avalability and quantity of rented bikes.

(in addition to transport and collection of the bike/s € 25, unit price per transport, even if more bicycles)

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