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A TABERNA | Foros da Quinta (10 min)

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

THE "TABERNA". Feliciana and Vivaldo like to host and are always in a good mood, the food is homemade and typical of the region, made with love and care and served in a cozy atmosphere with the kitchen in sight. With varied dishes of the day, anyone can find a choice here that you will enjoy, giving preference to casserole food.

From the house menu, our suggestion is the "Canja de Fraca" (on request, A clear broth with Angola Chicken ) or the "Ensopado de Borrego" (Lamb Stew). For those who appreciate homemade food, it is always worth going to TABERNA, one of the restaurants frequented almost exclusively by locals.

Location: Foros da Quinta, Vila Nova de Santo André

Tel: +351 966 767 518 | Prices $$

Closed on Mondays

How to get there (10 min)

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