Infinity Pool

Feel relaxed by the sound of flowing water. Close your eyes and sense a breeze running over your body while your gaze gets lost in the endless horizon. Get carried away; this is the spirit of our infinity pool. Take a few laps in the morning or sip a cocktail in the late afternoon. Enjoy a dip and embrace the landscape. Diving is not allowed.

Bio Pool

In Reserva you will dive with the little animals in our biotope. Frogs, dragonflies and many more ... We have one of the first biological pools in Portugal. These pools are a true ecosystems in full activity. The maintenance of the water is done in a totally natural way with a balance between plants and animals. In this way a super clean water is obtained without any kind of chemical treatment. You can dive at will and you will never feel your eyes burning. Around the pool, there is a lot of grass and private decks, so you can have all the necessary isolation.

Dome Pool

The fascination of a giant dome with almost 300 m2 and the charm of a 10 m diameter swimming pool, heated to 26 degrees. A space totally different from everything you've seen with a breathtaking view over a valley with the sea in the background. Whatever the time of year - the invitation is made... be it day or night, dive into the glamour of our Dome Pool.


Where you least expect, in a beautiful valley between two slopes, you will find a breathtaking lagoon. At the first rays of light, it is worth waking up early to see the mysterious and poetic morning mist on the water... it looks like a movie set. At the end of the day, the reflection of the sunset turns the place into a picture painted with a palette of colours renewed every day. Ideal for spending the day, picnics, stand up paddle, diving, swimming, reading a book, dating or simply letting yourself be. Around the lagoon, comfortable private decks make the place even more special...