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Bus Station Santiago do Cacém (10 km)

Train Station Grândola (30 km)


Lisbon Airport (120 km) | Faro Airport (140 km)



Glamping Investors

WhatsApp (only): +351 960 39 68 39



WhatsApp: +351 911 111 137

or + 351 966 605 525



Police/ Ambulance/ Fire -  112

Health Line 24 - 808 242 424

Hospital do Litoral Alentejano +351 269 818 100


Network and password information will be given at your check-in.

Code of the Front Gate: will be sent to you privately



Reception Opening Times: 9h00 – 22h00

Parking: 24 hours

Maximum Speed inside RESERVA ALECRIM 10 km/h

Silence Period 23h00 – 8h00

Pre-payment at Check-in

Check-in from 16h00

Check-out: 11h00

Important note: Late check-out possible after 11h00 – 16h00 (payment of half a stay, if available)


You are really welcome.

How to get to ReservaAlecrim

From Lisbon it takes about 1h30/2h00 on a road in good condition (about 130km on the motorway).


Our address:

Amazing Glamping & Eco Suites Resort

Ademas, Santa Cruz Ademas, 7540-051 Santiago do Cacém, Portugal

Need help? +351 911 111 137



Where you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere surrounded by everything.

We hope you have a beautiful stay and enjoy the stunning views.

Before Check-in - Before your arrival, we will send you all the necessary information so that you can enjoy your stay to the maximum:

  • our location and how to get here (google "Amazing Glamping")

  • all available experiences so you can explore our region

  • the gate access code and the Wifi password


Please call or text us by whatsapp 1 hour before your arrival so that we can be expecting you and plan your arrival.  Tel +351 911 111 137

Gate - is closed at night and, sometimes during the day, to open it you must insert the access code in the pole display that you will find on the driver's side. Write the number on your mobile phone! (you will receive the code by private message)

Check-in - Our reception is open to receive you every day from 9h00 to 20h00, even after closing you can check in. Our team is always ready to welcome you. 

Wifi - You will find the Wifi signal on the entire Reserva and in your accommodation. 

Brunch Basket - Breakfast (Brunch Basket) is not included and costs 12.50€ per person (minimum 2 people). At the time of check-in, you should request your Brunch Basket and inform us if you wish it to be delivered every day during your stay. If you have any special requests (early breakfast or food allergies), please let the reception know. The Brunch Basket is delivered between 9h00 and 9h30 on your unit terrace.


You will find in your Brunch Basket:

  • Orange juice (500 ml)

  • Milk (soy milk on request)

  • Coffee

  • 2 varieties of bread (4)

  • Croissants (2)

  • Homemade jam

  • Greek yogurt

  • Granola

  • Fresh fruit

  • Cottage cheese

  • Ham and cheese (sliced)

  • Butter



POOLS AND LAKES: Children should always be accompanied by an adult when using the common areas: swimming pool, Bio Lake, etc. Reserva Alecrim is not responsible for any accident or damage caused within the property that is caused by third parties.

Lagoon - Where you least expect, in a beautiful valley between two slopes, you will find a breathtaking lagoon. At the first rays of light it is worth waking up early to see the mysterious and poetic morning mist on the water... it looks like a movie set. At the end of the day the reflection of the sunset turns the place into a picture painted with a palette of colours renewed every day. Ideal for spending the day, picnics, stand up paddle, diving, swimming, reading a book, dating or simply letting yourself be. Around the lagoon, comfortable private decks make the place even more special... 


Infinity Pool– Feel relaxed by the sound of flowing water. Close your eyes and sense a breeze running over your body while your gaze gets lost in the endless horizon. Get carried away; this is the spirit of our infinity pool. Take a few laps in the morning or sip a cocktail in the late afternoon. Enjoy a dip and embrace the landscape. Diving is not allowed.

Dome Pool –  The fascination of a giant dome with almost 300 m2 and the charm of a 10 m diameter swimming pool, heated to 26 degrees. A space totally different from everything you've seen with a breathtaking view over a valley with the sea in the background. Whatever the time of year - the invitation is made... be it day or night, dive into the glamour of our Dome Pool.


Bio Pool - In Reserva you will dive with the little animals in our biotope. Frogs, dragonflies and many more ... We have one of the first biological pools in Portugal. These pools are a true ecosystems in full activity. The maintenance of the water is done in a totally natural way with a balance between plants and animals. In this way a super clean water is obtained without any kind of chemical treatment. You can dive at will and you will never feel your eyes burning. Around the pool, there is a lot of grass and private decks, so you can have all the necessary isolation.

Pizza Bar - Pizzas with no other pretension than to be very good. The dough comes from the neighbour, Marisa, baker of tradition, daughter of Dona Maria, who has always made the best Alentejo bread in the region, baked, always in a wood oven. The recipe for the dough is no secret, but it is unique and very good! It is simply the same as the bread dough! The tomatoes are picked at the time of the reservation, as is basil. Only the cheese comes from outside Reserva - but many times the touches are made with goat cheese from neighbour Jorge. For those who don't like pizza we have a simple but delicious jar food. Traditional recipes of pasteurized pot food according to an old local practice in a glass jar. To drink, natural juices, the tasty gin and tonic Black Pig, or the wine from Herdade do Cebolal. All from the region! Be sure to try an exclusive house novelty. The "Palhete" from Reserva. A wine that is neither white, red nor rosé. It is a red wine with a mixture of white that is drunk fresh, with a much lower alcohol content than traditional wines. Delicious! All this in a charming space with a beautiful terrace on top of the bio pool.

Opening hours : from 12h30 to 15h and from 19h30 às 22h (take away)

Open every day.

Parking - All parking spaces are marked with the respective names of your accommodation. Please park at the location assigned to your unit and avoid parking outside the marked locations. As you are within a residential area do not exceed 10 km/hour.

Garbage - Please respect our nature surroundings, not littering the common areas. In each house, dome or suite you will find waste bins and small recycling bins (glass, paper and packaging).


Smoking - Our property is situated in a very sensitive ecosystem and therefore it is forbidden to smoke in the Reserva Alecrim inside or outside the units. If you still want to smoke, please do so outside Reserva.

Animals - No animals allowed in Reserva Alecrim. Non-compliance will cause double payment of your stay. 

TV- Just turn it on and you will have access to the Portuguese open source channels.

Check-out - On your departure, we would like you to leave the keys at the reception so that we can wish you a good return trip and also let us know what you think (we are always open to the improvement of the Reserve). If you have enjoyed any other services, experiences, brunch baskets or pizza bar expenses in the meantime, it will be the right time for us to settle these accounts. Please return our pool towels when checking out.


PLEASE NOTE: Reserva Alecrim is not responsible for any accident or damage caused within the property that is caused by third parties.



We know our landscape is stunning, and glamping never was so amazing like being inside our Reserva Alecrim. On lazy days, when enjoying our pools is the only program on the list, pamper yourself with some sweets for mind and soul connecting with nature, or have a different workout on your private terrace.

Sweets for Body, Mind & Soul- Take a deep breath and feel the nature that surrounds Reserva Alecrim and book a yoga class, meditation or a massage inside our property. We work with the best professionals in the region to give you an experience that will make you never want to leave us. Private or group session, you choose how you want to relax.

Yoga class (private or group)

Meditation (private or group)

Massages on your terrace: 
"Ocean Therapy""(with honey)| "Rosemary" (Relaxation with essential oils) | ""Lavender" (Therapeutic with essencial oils)| "Arnica" (sports massage) | Profound Massage (back only)| "Tui-Na" (Chinese Osteopathy)| Reflexology (foot massage)| "Kids Massage" (from 3 months to 12 years old) | "Facial"  (15 min)

Note: For all Body, Mind & Soul, booking is required 24h in advance.

Boost for the Body - Being in holidays, for the everyday sporty it can be hard to find a place to exercise, even for only half an hour. Lucky you, we have a personal trainer that can keep your workout in shape. Get changed, prepare your sneakers and let the training begin. This session will be something to remember, we promise you that!

Rent a Bike - Who wouldn’t love to ride a bike among the wheat fields, uncovering new paths and places beyond your imagination. Grab your helmet and bike and prepare yourself for a taste of freedom.


We will be happy to suggest any other activities nearby.

FOR ALL SERVICES PLEASE CALL +351  966 605 525 or visit the reception



Our property is located between Santiago do Cacém and Vila Nova de Santo André, both city have a lot to offer and to discover, just decide how you want to spend your day and go for an adventure.



Café Pinhal Novo - At the distance of 5 km you will find this little Portuguese grocery shop, for everyday convenience, any quick necessities that you might have forgotten, canned and frozen food, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday they have fresh Alentejo loaf bread, you can buy eggs from the chickens in the backyard (when available), cheese and chouriço and some daily pastries and sliced ham and cheese for sandwiches, fresh vegetables and fruits, or can simply have a cold beer or a "bica" (espresso) and chat with the locals. 

Café Pinhal Novo (Venda do Farrobo)

on the street to São Francisco da Serra

38.094870, -8.721439

Opening times: Every day until 20h. And if they are closed, just knock on the window and Luisa or her husband will be glad to help you out.

Supermercado Mais - 10 minutes away by car, in the little village called Deixa-o-resto (leave the rest), there is a small supermarket, where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and all things a little supermarket must have.


N261, 7500-018 Santiago do Cacém

38.070097, -8.747660

Opening times: 9h-13h, 15-19h, closed on Sundays

Price range description : Prices from: $ - 5€ | $$ - 10€ | $$$ - 14€ | $$$$ - 20€

Just around the corner

5 minutes driving

Restaurant Monte da Vinha - Within a 5 minute drive from Reserva Alecrim, this restaurant offers good quality, homemade food at a fair price. The service is slow like everything in Alentejo, so don’t go in a hurry to eat and get to know the locals. Eels and Chicken with green or red peppers are house specialties, for those who like it, a tomato soup is also a good choice or octopus salad. With your “bica” (expresso) ask for an “Alcomonia” (a regional sweet made with flour and pine nut) that are homemade at the restaurant by the home cook. Although they can have a peculiar taste, they are delicious and with coffee it is a match made in heaven. 
Our suggestion: Fried cuttlefish (calamari) or Clams “à bulhão pato” (with garlic and fresh coriander)

Location: Ademas | Tel: +351 269 826 104 | Price range:$$

Open for dinner only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Closed on Tuesdays.


10 minutes driving

One of our favourites

Restaurant Quinta do Giz- Our region is known for the good food and this restaurant serves regional dishes that are made with local ingredients and care. Their specialty is “Pot food” and will be hard to choose between the Seafood “Cataplana” or the “Lingueirão” (Razor clams) rice. You will feel like one of the locals when eating here, the staff is dedicated and know their way around and will be glad to recommend you any of their delicious regional dishes along with their house wine. Leaving without trying their traditional desserts like the “Sericaia” or egg pudding is a crime that you wouldn't want to commit.

Our suggestion: Seafood Cataplana or Fish “Massada” (noodle stew)

Location: Giz (Cavaleiro de Madima)

Tel: +351 269 751 426 | Price range: $$

Closed on Sundays.


Restaurant Tasquinha do Ilídio - is one of those places that goes unnoticed by the side of the road, in a place very close to the Reserva Alecrim with a funny name: Deixa-o-Resto - "Leave the Rest". It bears the name of its owner, Ilídio, who is always on the esplanade welcoming customers, most of them local, or behind the grill where he masterfully prepares good cuts of veal or black pig. A tasca with tradition and homemade food. One of the few taverns that still survives to go and come back many times.

Our suggestion: Grilled veal chop with fries and salad / Eels stew

Location: Deixa-o Resto (National Road 261 km 39.10, 7500-018)

Tel: +351 962 941 873 | Prices $$

Note: No reservations accepted

Restaurant Ti Lena - One of the most well known restaurants in the area with typical Alentejo cuisine, here you will taste good food like “Migas” (a traditional side dish made with bread mixed with local ingredients such as tomato, fresh coriander and other) or “Cação” (Dogfish) Soup and enjoy a nice service that can be long during summer (locals love this restaurant!). While you wait for a table, enjoy a Gin since they are also a Gin Bar (unique in the area), where you will find a variety of Portuguese gins. Like we say it here, be cool as we are in Alentejo, time over here goes slowly, so lay back and enjoy the pace, soon you will be eating delicious food.
Our suggestion: Mixed grilled dish of black pork meat
Location: Deixa-o-Resto (Estrada Nacional 261 km 39.10, 7500-018)
Tel: +351 269 746 158 | Price range: $$
Note: No reservations accepted - Closed on Sundays


Restaurant A Taberna - Also close to Reserva Alecrim, this couple always receive you in a good mood, the food is homemade and typical of the region, made with love and affection, served in a cozy environment and with the open kitchen in sight. The owner is always open for a chat. With varied dishes of the day, anyone will find here a choice they will like.

Our suggestion: Guinea Fowl (by order) or Lamb Stew

Location: Foros da Quinta, Vila Nova de Santo André

Tel: +351 966 767 518 | Prices $$

Closed on Mondays

Not Far 

15 minutes driving  - Road to Lagoa de Santo André

Restaurant A Cascalheira - One of the oldest restaurants in the region, Cascalheira is perfect for recharging your batteries at a stop while you travel through the region on your way to the Lagoa de Santo André, or for swimming in the beautiful nearby beaches such as Praia de Melides or Praia do Pego. Experience the comfort and regional cuisine with the specialties of Leitão à Bairrada and Fried Eels. The house cook will most of the time visit you at your table, even if the service is hectic, just to give you a kiss and make sure you enjoyed your meal. This place is like going to your grandmother's house, feeling the care and attention and love in the food, the perfect representation of Alentejo hospitality.

Our suggestion: Fried Massada or Sole with rice

Location: Foros da Cascalheira (N261, Santiago do Cacém)

Tel: +351 269 751 426 | Price range: $$

Note: In summer, we recommend booking a table in advance - Home delivery service

Closed on Wednesday

In Santiago do Cacém city

12 min driving

Restaurant O Grelhador - As the name says, most of the food is prepared at the charcoal barbecue where you can savour the smoky taste of the meat or fish, which is their specialty. The regional tavern, with wood decoration, is a must for those who like to eat grilled meat or fresh fish and enjoy good laughs with some good house wine. Here the service is very friendly and will make you feel at home and it is difficult to leave, especially with a belly full of tasty and homemade food. Choose the "Migas à Alentejana" (Bread Dish with garlic and coriander) or "Feijoada à Brasileira" (Brazilian Bean Stew) (Thursday) to get a glimpse of the marriage between Alentejo cuisine and Brazilian food. Besides the delicious Portuguese food, here you can also enjoy the traditional grilled meat from Brazil such as "Picanha" and organic "Maminha" with grilled fruits and everything you deserve. On Sundays a delicious "Feijoada de Búzios" (Whelk and Beans Stew) is served. Prepare yourself for a special treatment and welcome to Alentejo, where food is our gold.

Our suggestion: Grilled prey (black pork) or Octopus Rice with shrimp

Place: Rua Camilo Castelo Branco, 22-26 (Santiago do Cacém)

Tel: 269823513 | Price range: $$

Note: In summer, we recommend booking a table in advance - Closed on Monday


Restaurant Mercado à Mesa - Located at the top of the local market in Santiago do Cacém, the name says it all, the food here is from the farm to the table, where they get the best ingredients directly from the farmers and share a history of revitalization of the old market and regional cuisine with innovation and creativity. Being one of the oldest cities of Portugal and Alentejo, here you will find regional dishes that take you back in history, try your Octopus "Lagareiro" style (with olive oil from the oven) or the Açorda de Ovas (Bread Dish with fish spawn) that will enchant all your senses. Being a hunter gives the owner the opportunity to have game meat all year round, providing the guest with wonderful and tasty meat such as Pigeon Rice or Rabbit with white beans, be daring and try it. The owners are also behind the local "Tasquinhas Mercado à Mesa" party which takes place every year in mid-June until the end of July inside the market, where they invite the local restaurants to share good food, good humour and good music while enjoying the warm summer nights.

Our suggestion: The Codfish with "Broa" (corn bread crust) or the Partridge Pie (exclusive dish)

Location: Rua de Moçambique, 19 (Santiago do Cacém)

Price range: $$$$

Note: Making a reservation is recommended - Closed on Mondays

- Ask for your reservation for this restaurant at our reception!


In Lagoa de Santo André

20 m driving

Restaurant Chez Daniel - This restaurant is a piece of the history of Lagoa de Santo André, the first place was on the dunes of the beach and its main customers were the local fishermen who docked their boats on the shore of the lagoon, at a time when the art of fishing with nets was the main source of income for the people who lived here. Today you can meet their grandson (who will be your waiter) and his mother, the house cook, who still keeps the traditional roots, such as fried eels or swordfish, in a new and modern space on the edge of the village of Costa de Santo André. This new place incorporates good taste in decoration, privileged with natural light in a wide and open space, where it is possible to find a good selection of Alentejo wines. In addition to a beautiful view of the lagoon and the nature reserve, you will have the choice of daily dishes, which as in the past, depend on the mood of the sea. Take a day trip to the lagoon or to the beach, enjoy the beautiful sunset and finish with a meal full of flavours and history.

Our suggestion: Paio de Porco Preto (starter) or any fresh fish from the display counter

Location: Municipal Road 544 (Lagoa de Santo André)

Tel: +351 269 749 779 | Price range: $$$

Note: Mandatory reservation - Closed on Wednesday


In Sines

20 m driving

One of our Favourites!
Restaurant Cais da Estação  - If you appreciate having a nice dinner in a beautiful space, this restaurant is perfect for you. This is not your typical regional locale but a new way of eating everyday food with a combination of local fresh ingredients and modern cuisine. They are specialized in seafood and you have to try their Rock crab paté in a shell or the Shrimp cream. Ask for a beer and relax enjoying the best seafood money can buy and let yourself go. In case you are a meat lover, here you will find your match, between “Picanha” or Beef Loins it will be hard to choose. After lunch, try to find a cork tree to sleep underneath, like most of the locals do, kick back whilst listening to the birds and the bees experiencing the best that Alentejo has to offer.
Our suggestion: Scallop and shrimp “Açorda” or Beef “Sloppy Joe”
Location: Sines(Av. Gen. Humberto Delgado,16)
Tel: +351 269 636 271 | Price range: $$$$
Note: Reservation required - Closed on Mondays

Only for locals!!! Best choice! 

Restaurant Seafood LoversWith a display always filled with fresh fish, this restaurant is the ideal place to eat the best fresh fish and seafood directly from the sea. Sea bass, sea bream, tuna, sole, oysters, clams, crayfish, you name it. If you prefer fresh fish in the shape of sushi, book a tasting on the first Thursday of the month and you can see the professional sushiman from the Arigato restaurant in Lisbon in action. Seafood lovers is another way to feel the sea!

Our suggestion: Land & Sea (Steak w/ lobster) and a bread stuffed with seafood as a starter

Location: Largo da Boavista 10, 7520-144 Sines

Tel: +351 969 290 875 | Price range: $$$

Note: In summer, we recommend booking your table in advance - Closed on Monday

By the beach at Costa Alentejana 

25 min driving

Restaurant “do Luís” - Enjoy a fresh fish or a Seafood rice (risotto) and let yourself go in a place where time stopped. Meet the friendly staff and relish the regional food, discovering new old ways of cuisine, ask for a table on the terrace and you will feel like you are at the beach, don’t mind with the ships or cars passing by, what matters is that your meal will taste amazing and will be a moment to remember.
Our suggestion: scaled Sea Bass or Clams rice with shrimps
Location: Praia de Morgavel (São Torpes)
Tel: +351 269 870 574 | Price range: $$$
Note: In summer time we recommend booking your table in advance - Closed on Tuesdays


Near Melides

25 min driving

Restaurant Taberna das Sobreiras Altas - In the middle of nowhere you will find this tiny family restaurant with their own homemade specialties. Fátima created a typical Alentejo signature dish, a spinach and fresh coriander soup with clams and lots of garlic and Alentejo bread that you won't find anywhere else. António will be your host and suggest some good wines to go along with grilled beef plates and many other local dishes. If you like, you can visit the chicken and turkeys in the back yard and go and see the vegetable garden. Almost everything that will be on your plate comes from there. And don't forget to pet the beautiful house cat "Riscas"!

Our suggestion: "Carne na Telha", grilled meat dish served in a tile or the Spinach Soup with coriander, garlic and clams

Location: Sobreiras Altas (Melides)

Tel: +351 269 442 851 | Price range: $$

Note: Reservation required - Closed on Mondays


For Vegetarians and Vegans

20 min driving

Vegetarian Restaurant Veg & Tal

Try a different brunch on Sundays (vegan). But if brunch isn't your thing, you'll also find menus that vary daily full of homemade vegetarian food, delicious and creative vegan delicacies and fresh juices every day for lunch. How can a vegetarian restaurant survive in a region where meat and fish are king? Try it out and try not to become vegetarian.

Our suggestion: Any vegetarian hamburger or quiche or vegan burritos, check the daily menu on facebook and delight yourself with the cook's creativity.

Location: Rua Teófilo Braga, 29 (Sines)

Tel: +351939414701 | Price range: $$

Note: Only opens at lunchtime and closes at 7pm. They have take-away - Closed on Saturdays


Ginger Café - This is our first Zero Waste Café, where you will find healthy and very tasty food and desserts, vegetarian, vegan or raw food. They have a different lunch menu every day, from vegetarian pizza to vegan "eggs" and several very creative toasts, between the banana cake and the açaí bowl, it will be difficult to choose; located in the Municipal Park of Vila Nova de Santo André, bring a book or order one, take a walk to the lake, find a shade and feel at home. If you like ecological handicraft, take a look at the small ecological articles shop while you enjoy your tea..

Location: Central Park, Liceu district (Vila Nova de Santo André)

Tel:+351 269 751 059 | Price range: $$

Note: Sunday brunches are worth it and last until 2pm.

Opening hours: Every day until 7pm - Closed on Mondays - Take Away possible


For Sushi lovers

15 min driving

Restaurante Sashimi- If you love sushi and cannot go a day without eating a nigiri or sashimi, this Japanese restaurant is a must. Located in Santo André, it is known for its quality sushi and locals can't get enough of the "all you can eat" and sushi buffet. Ask for a table, choose how many pieces you want and try not to have more eyes than belly. They also have take-away, in case you want to taste your sushi at Reserva Alecrim under the stars: check the menu, place your order and enjoy your sushi dreams anywhere. Because once a sushi lover, always a sushi addict.

Our suggestion: "All you can eat" menu!

Place: Bairro das Torres, 1 (Vila Nova de Santo André)

Tel: +351 925 740 887 (also for orders out) | Price range: $$

Note: Open every day! Take away


For Pizza Addicts

​10 min driving

Pizzeria Cosa Nostra - This family pizzeria opened in 2008 and soon became one of the best pizzerias in town and around because of their tasty and fine dough with the freshest ingredients and quality service. Don't think that, because you are in Alentejo, you have to pass a delicious pizza. The famous Pizza “Cosa Nostra” ou Pizza  “Campestre” are cooked in a wood oven and have a smoky and unique taste. But if you prefer Pasta, they also have some famous Italian courses like Lasagna or Spaghetti del Mare. And the best of pizzeria Cosa Nostra is, that you can book a table at their website for any of their four restaurants or enjoy your pizza here in the Reserva Alecrim, you just have to call, choose your pizza and pick up happiness in a box at their place in Santiago do Cacém, that is 14 minutes away from our amazing glamping spot.
Our suggestion: Garlic Bread or Pizza Cosa Hot
Location: Estrada de Santa Cruz, 43 ( Santiago do Cacém)
Tel: +351  269 182 896/ 269 098 064 (Take away orders) | Price range: $$
Note: In summer time we recommend booking your table in advance, Take away service - Closed on Sundays


Pizzeria Vera Italia - This Pizzeria was the first one to open in Vila Nova de Santo André. Being between restaurant and a snack-bar, this spot brought a breath of fresh air and diversity to the local food offers. Located on a small kind of “kiosk” there is a cozy family restaurant, where the wood oven is the fuel to every pizza that leaves the kitchen. With a feeling of an Italian restaurant, this pleasant pizzeria is perfect for a romantic dinner, lunch or a dinner night with friends.Word on the streets of  Santo André is that they have a secret ingredient that make their pizzas taste like heaven and we think that secret ingredient is dedication and passion. From their famous Pizza Calzone to the Steak with coffee, we are sure that your first visit will turn into a second one. In case you want to enjoy your pizza in the quiet of Reserva Alecrim, just order it online and pick up at their pizzeria.
Our suggestion: Pizza Alentejana or Spaghetti Al'tuna
Location:  Av. de Santiago (Vila Nova de Santo André)
Tel:  +351 269 708 700 | Price range:$$

Closed on Sundays


Coffee Shop and Bistro


Bom Remédio Café - Where dessert is the main dish and smoothies or fruit lemonades are the drink of the day. If you enjoy delicious pastry and bakery then you have to go and try one or two of this homemade cakes and cookies, grab a slice and go enjoy it at the castle viewing the beautiful bay of Sines, if you see Vasco da Gama (Famous Portuguese Sailor and a celebrity) share with him some photos but not the crumbs. Like they say, the best medicine is joy and cake.
Our suggestion: Daily homemade cakes or pancakes
Location: Rua Cândido dos Reis (Sines)
Tel: +351 269 878 252 | Price range:$$



Take a tour and enjoy the best of the region. Go to a beach and have a late lunch.


From Reserva Alecrim - Melides - Aberta Nova - Carvalhal - Comporta - Carrasqueira


Beach: Galé | Carvalhal | Comporta 
What to do: Rice Fields | Comporta Winery | Horse riding

Winery Herdade da Comporta - Experience a landscape dominated by rice fields that get lost in the dunes, which protect them from the sea to advance, along 12 km of beach. Start by visiting the Rice Museum, enjoy the local fauna and flora, stroll through several villages and do not forget to stop by the cellar to see the wines that are produced there. A true ambassador of Herdade da Comporta.
Location: Comporta
Tel: +351 914 336 097 (Mariana)
Prices from 12€
Note: Wine tasting with has an increase of 5€ per person

Restaurant Museu do Arroz - How about experiencing a chic and glamorous dinner after the sun baths or lazy summer days? Just outside the village of Comporta sits one of the oldest restaurants, a local entity, the famous Restaurant Museu do Arroz (same owner as Ilha do Arroz). Blending with the rice fields, this old factory, where rice was peeled, has a sophisticated and modern decoration and brought a renewed life to this historic building, putting Comporta on everyone's phone list. Since the first day, the service and wonderful food have been their trademark. Along the years, playing with creativity and dedication, there is the reflection of hard work and exquisite taste. Don't be shy and let yourself in, ask the waiter to take you to a table at their terrace painted by the rice fields and discover the stories, that these high ceiling walls will be telling you. They also have a Sushi Lounge where you can be delighted by Japanese culture in the middle of the Alentejo and enjoy a Temaki with the storks.
Our suggestion: Wildberries Caipirinha or Broth of “conquilhas (variety of clams)” with spinach 
Location: N261,KM 0  (Comporta)
Tel: + 351 265 497 555 | Price range: $$$$
Note: reservation is required - Closed on Mondays

At the beach. Very fancy and trendy

Restaurant Lounge Bar Ilha do Arroz - We are privileged to live here at the "blue coast of Portugal" and to be surrounded by amazing restaurants, which are always hard to choose from or to visit all of them, but don’t miss the chance to go for a road trip with your family or friends to Praia da Comporta and have lunch or dinner at this great beach restaurant (Can you imagine they opened in 2002, before Comporta became the “must go” spot?). Their terrace is on the dunes and has the best view over the blue crystal clear waters and the Serra da Arrábida. So, if you want to get the best sight ever, don’t forget to book a table before your day trip. Prepare yourself for a relaxing and inviting atmosphere while listening to good music and of course, being at the beach, we recommend the Mussels sailors way (Mexilhões à Pescador), or if you can't wait to go for a swim, try a tomato soup with a poached egg, which will keep you going till sunset, when returning to their terrace to appreciate it while enjoying one Caiprinha (or two).
Our suggestion: Padrón Pepperoni with salt or Magic mushrooms (not that kind!)
Location: Praia da Comporta (Comporta)
Tel: + 351 265490510 | Price range: $$$$
Note: In summer time we recommend booking your table much in advance - Closed on Tuesdays


Restaurant Sal - Being a part of the landscape of Praia do Pego, this restaurant is a reference for everyone who visits the beach to have fresh fish or just to chill while enjoying the beautiful views over the natural reserve, where it is located. This restaurant was renovated, winning a new name and new management, that is dedicated to provide an excellent service and a gastronomic experience to their guests. Like any restaurant at the beach, their specialty is grilled fresh fish and seafood, combined regional dishes with a new interpretation of the Portuguese cuisine. Spend the day between diving in the crystalline waters (they also rent sunbeds) and their terrace, drinking a cold white wine from Herdade da Comporta, which goes along perfectly with clams “à bulhão pato” (with garlic and fresh coriander) or a cuttlefish black rice.

Our suggestion: Fish Soup with aioli and bread or a shot of “camarinha” with mint sauce
Location: Praia do Pego (Carvalhal)
Tel: +351 265390129 | Price range:$$$
Note: In the summer time we recommend booking your table in advance - Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


One of our favorites
Restaurant O Granhão - A typical restaurant, with all the features of a regional eating place, this site is perfect to have some “tapas” after a sunny day spent at the surrounding beaches. Here the local dishes are prepared with everyday ingredients to enjoy the delicatessen of the region, while drinking a “Sangria” or a cold beer in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t think you will find a luxurious spot, but instead, simplicity and unpretentious food, cooked with care and tradition. Ask for a table on the terrace and mingle with locals, while eating a Monk Fish Rice or Cuttlefish “à Algarvia”.
Our suggestion: Tomato fish soup with “Corvina” or Carb and figs cake
Location: Lagoa Formosa (Carvalhal)

Tel: +351 265497155 | Price range: $$
Closed on Tuesdays

For Locals in Carvalhal Village

Snack-Bar Restaurant Pica Peixe - They are known for their variety of samosas ("chamuças"), that you can try all day. Even if they don't have them on the storefront, sit down, order a beer and within minutes you will be served. This spot is more a snack bar than a restaurant and is perfect to for a bite before or after the beach. Located on the main street of Carvalhal, it is hard to miss, the home cook is the owner and was born in Mozambique, has a friendly smile for all guests and is proud of the food that comes out of her kitchen. For the ones brave enough ask for the  Grilled “Caracoletas”(escargots) or a Piglet Sandwich, share some good laughs and maybe some house wine with the locals.
Our suggestion: Crab Curry or Roasted Beef Sandwich
Location: Avenida 18 Dezembro ( Carvalhal)

Tel: +351 265490277 | Price range: $$


From Reserva Alecrim -  Porto Covo - Vila Nova de Milfontes - Zambujeira do Mar

Restaurant Zé Inácio - Located in Porto Covo, in the centre of the village, two steps from the beach, years ago it was a small tavern that served glasses of wine and some snacks made by Zé Inácio. Today it is one of the most recommended restaurants of Alentejo food with fresh fish and typical dishes of the region. 
Our suggestion: Octopus with Punched Potatoes 

Place: Rua Vasco da Gama 38, Porto Covo
Tel : +351 96 139 8505 | Price Range $$
Closed on Wednesday

Restaurant "O Amândio" - This restaurant on the way to Aivados beach has existed for 100 years! Dona Julinha, as she is known by the locals, controls the grill and where the fresh fish and meat comes from, always served with lots of fresh fruit. The restaurant has become increasingly popular thanks to the quality of its cuisine. There are several house specialities, but the highlight is the chicken with peppers and the grilled fish or meat. The good food, combined with the pleasant outdoor space, make this restaurant the perfect place for a relaxing summer lunch or dinner after going to the beach.
Our suggestion: Grilled meat served with fresh fruit

Location: Ribeira da Azenha, V.N. Milfontes/ Aivados
Tel: +351 269 905 277 / Price range $$$
Closes on Tuesday

Restaurant Destilaria do Ferrador - An homage to her grandfather, this granddaughter (and owner) wanted to keep the memories and the old factory, where her grandfather used to work as a Farrier ("Ferrador" in Portuguese) transforming this old workshop into a regional restaurant and distillery. Here you will find a piece of family history as well from the village of São Luís. Located between the Mountain range of Cercal and the beaches of Vila Nova de Milfontes, it is decorated with old tools used in the old times and an alembic, where the famous Alentejo “Medronho” is produced and tasted. Enjoy while listening to a different Fado sung and played by the owner's boyfriend and sometimes even by her mother (when the service in the kitchen allows). Having lunch or dinner here feels like being around a typical “Alentejana” family. Go for a visit, let time go by and uncover the richness of a forgotten Alentejo.
Our suggestion : Creamy cheese with “poejo”(mint herb from the region) or Wild Boar Stew
Location: Largo do Mercado São Luís (São Luís)
Tel.: +351 916225398 | Price range: $$

Opens only at lunchtime until 19h. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays

Restaurant Tasca do Celso - is a reference in typical Alentejo gastronomy, although the place has nothing to do with a "tasca", the owner's name is not Celso and, even worse, he is not from Alentejo. The owner is from Lamego (up north) and was nicknamed "Celso" after his father, a well-known and respected character from Milfontes. In a "restaurant where people can see the kitchen", the dream of his life, Celso spoils his customers, preparing their food or indicating a good wine, one of the best qualities of the house. Celso has one of the most interesting wineries in the region, with wines from all over the country, particularly from Alentejo and Douro.
Our suggestion: We leave it to Celso! Let yourself be surprised.

Place: R. dos Aviadores 34, 7645-225 Vila Nova de Milfontes
Tel : +351 283 996 753
Note: We suggest booking in advance - Closed on Mondays

Restaurant Porto das Barcas - Porto das Barcas is a restaurant with esplanade and lounge bar in the garden, located in the beautiful village of Vila Nova de Milfontes, near the Fishing Port and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with a decoration of good Mediterranean taste that contrasts with the blue sea. Here they serve with refinement and delicacy what is freshest in our coast, all fish and seafood, as well as meat and wines from Alentejo, with a good choice in the wine cellar of the house. From the moment of the first aperitif while you wait, you will feel that you are in the private house of someone who knows and likes to receive well, with a varied menu of dishes of the day. On Sunday there is "Cozido" (Typical Meat and sausage stew with potatoes and cabbage)! See the daily menu on facebook.
Our suggestion: Fried Turbot with Clam Rice or a famous "Poke Bowl".

Location: Rua do Canal,7645-238 Vila Nova de Milfontes
Tel : +351 283 997 160 / Price range $$$
Note: We suggest booking  much in advance - Closed on Tuesday

Restaurant O Sacas - Ideal for lunch on a day trip along the Alentejo coast, Sacas is located on a beautiful cliff. It is an old fishermen's tavern and is located near the port of Zambujeira do Mar. Naturally it serves sea flavours such as fresh and varied fish, hake stew with clams and shrimps, "feijoada de búzios" (Whelk and Beans Stew), octopus fisherman's style and spider fish fillets. The most pleasant place to be is in the esplanade, where the smells and flavours match.
Our suggestion: Spiderfish fillets or Pork fillets

Location: Entrada da Barca 7630-734 Zambujeira do Mar
Tel: +351 283 961 151 / Price range $$-$$$
It is best to book. - Closed on Tuesday



Inside Nature outside Reserva Alecrim

Discover the surroundings of our property through our nature trails and explore an undiscovered Alentejo with picturesque scenes and the chance of meeting some of the local farmers. We marked 3 trails starting in the Reserva Alecrim that give you the chance to tour around and find out beautiful, unknown landscapes and views, a mixture of mountain range and beaches. Don’t be in a hurry, we love to take it slowly and enjoy nature while losing ourselves in the “Montado”.

You can discover these trails auto-guided or guided, walking or biking (or by E-bike), you choose how you want to explore our Alentejo. 

Signs  for ALL  trails 

↰   Turn left ,  ↱   Turn right ,   = good direction,   x Don't go


Route Information: Thursdays and Fridays we practice the pace of Alentejo enjoying time passing causing some delicious delays and longer talks.

Extension: 6,06 km  | Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 1h -  walking: 25 minutes | High elevation : 217 m | Low elevation : 95 m - Circular trail

You can download the app Wikiloc - search "Rota Pão e Serra Reserva Alecrim"

At the Portuguese table, bread can never be lacking, and at the Alentejo table, bread is king. A milestone of Portuguese gastronomy and basis of many typical dishes of the Alentejo province, the Alentejo bread typically uses "old dough" as yeast, giving the characteristic acidic flavor to the bread. And because there is no steam used during the baking, the crust has no brightness and is crunchy and thick due to the long cooking at low temperatures. Marisa is a member of the 3. generation of a typical Alentejo family and grew up in these lands, where the Reserva Alecrim is located. She is keeping the family legacy alive by baking homemade bread every Tuesday and Friday in the centennial oven. This is part of a tradition, almost every household in Alentejo had a family or a community oven for baking bread, cakes and traditional dishes. Come discover this traditional art of making bread and go inside an artisan bakery with Marisa, the baker and also daughter of Dona Maria, who will be happy to show you the daily life of Alentejo and its beauty. This route starts at the Reserva Alecrim with a circular circuit through the hills and outside roads getting “lost” in the middle of cork trees and the colours of the wild flowers. Explore it through little valleys and overview Reserva Alecrim, uncovering stunning sights of pure nature. During the circuit , you can identify the native plants that transform the mountain range into a beautiful frame of colours and flowers.



Route Information: Finish the trail with a tasting at the Olive Oil Shop just next door to Reserva Alecrim. Here you can meet Ana Cristina, one of the owners and who is responsible for the decoration of the place and will help to choose some local products that are perfect souvenirs or tasty regional delicatessen. Ask for their homemade olive oil soaps made with rosemary, Portuguese rockrose, honey or goat milk, that smell really amazing.

Extension: 4,89 km  | Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 1h -  walking: 11 minutes | High elevation : 202 m | Low elevation : 126 m - Circular trail

You can download the app Wikiloc - search "Rota do Azeite Reserva Alecrim"


It was in 1906, on the property of "Parral Velho", located in the smallest parish of the Municipality of Santiago do Cacém, that Manuel João António Nunes fulfilled his dream of building an olive oil manufacture. At that time, the olive was still crushed by an animal-driven device and then placed in logs. These sheets were then stacked and squeezed in a press moved by human force, which resulted in the extraction of the olive oil. After more than a hundred years later, Lagar do Parral continues to prove its ability to combine family tradition with technological advances, always with the aim of producing a high quality olive oil. They now have a modern extraction unit, where the processes are exclusively mechanical, and where they use technological solutions according to the highest quality criteria of the final product. Produced about 110 years ago, Parral Olive Oil combines quality of production with technological means suitable for the production of excellence.

Get your bike or go for a walk with us through the countryside with our local host Silvestre and learn more about this ancient ingredient, that is a part of the Portuguese cuisine and culture.This ancient Olive “lagar” is a part of history in our region, where they combined old traditions with modern knowledge without losing their character. During the circuit we will identify the native plants that transform our hills into a beautiful frame of colours and flowers.


Route Information: We recommend that you use comfortable clothes and shoes since the trail has some parts where we cross some bramble or have to take the bike (in case you decide to) by hand. Take the day for riding or walking through this olive tree forest that never ends and try the best Gin around, "Black Pig". At the end of the trail you can enjoy a nice Gin Tonic or a Mojito under the oak trees, after visiting the distillery that got everyone around here to drink Gin. Don’t drink too much, you still have to go back to your Amazing Glamping.

Extension: 13,87 km  | Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 2h -  walking: 1:12h minutes | High elevation: 156 m | Low elevation : 38 m - Circular trail

You can download the app Wikiloc - search "Rota circular Gin Black Pig Reserva Alecrim"

Located near Vila Nova de Santo André, in the Municipality of Santiago do Cacém, the Black Pig Alentejo Distillery produces gin, rum and medronho brandy. Besides investing in the production of booze, this farm also dedicates to breed  the famous Black Pig, a fundamental element for the ecosystem of the Montado Alentejano. After a tasting of Gin, Medronho or Rum, you can take a walk through the homestead, harvest the botanicals, that are used to aromatize the gin, or you can interact with the farm animals.This trail begins at the main gate, learn a little more about our region in a small introduction to Alentejo and its hidden riches, dare to ride through the “lezírias” and unknown paths, finishing with a robust and aromatic gin, where the botanicals of the Montado play the main role. During the circuit, you can identify the native plants that transform our hills into a beautiful frame of colors and flowers.



Badoca Safari Park (closed until March 2021)

9 min/ 5 km


If you dream about African Safaris, go and visit Badoca Park!

At only 9 min away from Reserva Alecrim, the Alentejo plain has transformed into a savanna filled with unforgettable wild animals. Experience an amazing journey, a unique opportunity to get up close with wild animals in full freedom. In the park, 18 different animal species cohabit, totaling 230 animals, among which are giraffes, oryxes, zebras, buffaloes, ostriches, elands, kudus, impalas, antelopes and wildebeests, which can all be observed throughout the journey.

You can also purchase a VIP pass and have a Safari Tour in a private Jeep and even more.

Inside the park you can experience other activities such as African Rafting, Meet the Giraffes (they have a new baby giraffe that was born in March ) or interact with the Lemures, these activities are not included in the entrance ticket and can be purchased at the ticket office.

Location: Santiago do Cacém

+351 269 708 850

Opening times: 10h00 - 18h00

Prices 17.90€ (adults), 15.90€ (children and seniors).

Horse Riding on the beach

15 min/ 17 km Melides  |  35 min/ 35 km Comporta | 35 min/ 35 km Herdade Pessegueiro

Near Reserva Alecrim there are tame and well treated horses for rides on the beach or through the hills. You will be treated with kindness and pedagogy by the attendants and guides. You can choose a fantastic horseback ride by the Melides Lagoon or in Comporta, in the pine woods or on the beach, by the sea near or on the cliffs near Porto Covo. Culminating this unique experience you can book a romantic picnic at sunset... A real luxury!

Note: reservations with 48 hours in advance


+351 917 474 865/ +351 917 893 969 (Luís Lamas)


+ 351 935 075 353

Porto Covo

+351 963 320 898 / +351 269 959 160


Scuba Diving

30 min/ 32 km

Diving School Ecoalga – Want to discover the bottom of the Alentejo coast? Then you’ve found the right place! Do your baptism scuba dive, enjoy a regular scuba dive or a course between the Cabo de Sines and Porto Covo and experience the marine ecosystem and biodiversity of the coast line of Alentejo. You can also experience your first dive in our Dome Pool! Ask the reception for more information.

Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkling, Boat trips, Sport Fishing, etc.
Location: R. 25 de Abril,5C (Porto Covo)
Tel: +351 964 620 394 (Joaquim)


Surf & Stand up Paddle

Surf School-ESLA - One of the oldest surf schools in Alentejo and a pioneer in surf camps. They have great equipment, good instructors and a fun environment where you can learn how to surf or if you want stand up paddle, it is also on the list. It is the ideal place for your children to enjoy or practice while you can quietly watch them from the terrace of the Restaurant Trinca Espinhas and enjoy a cold white wine with Oysters. A must!
Location: Beach of São Torpes
Tel:+351 925 660 163 (Flávio) | Prices from 30 €
Note: In summertime (July-August), they have surf clinics for Kids, with prices from 100 €.

Surf in Comporta - Stand Up Paddle - The perfect water sport to explore the lagoon of Melides or the ruins near Troia. Explore this beautiful preserved ecosystem and paddle away to an adventure full of fun and history guided by experienced instructors that grew up in the region taking you to the secret spots that only the locals know.
Location: Praia do Carvalhal
Tel: +351 962475961/ +351 967566192
Price: upon request

Kart Track Saki

International  Kart Track - Enjoy the fast pace with your family or friends and take a ride on the wild side of Vila Nova de Santo André and be a driver for a day. Although the karts are not very fast nor modern you will taste the adrenaline and feel like you were at the 24 hours of Le Mans.They even have adapted karts so that everybody can be a driver and feel the wind, it will be a fun day -  that is guaranteed.
Location: Vila Nova de Santo André
Tel:+351 269 708 75 | Prices from 10 €


Winery Herdade do Cebolal


Travel in time while visiting these old winemakers, where you will be greeted by Isabel or Luís ( 2. and 3. generation) for a beautiful and lovely tour through the winery and the garden, which is Isabel’s (Mother) favourite hobby and pride.This family-owned property has recently modernized the vineyards (recovering old grapes and planting new ones), its facilities and inside the winery,  that gives you the feeling of being outside and a part of the vineyards. The particularity of the wine tasting in Herdade do Cebolal is how they make you feel a part of the family and their history throughout the memories, reflected also in the decoration and the exchanges that will make us loose the sense of time. Along with the wine (that expresses the characteristics of the region, with good concentration, complexity and elegance) you can foretaste some regional delicatessen like goat cheese or a Portuguese variety of “chouriço”, gather around a table filled with joy, history and love.
Location: Vale das Éguas
Tel: +351 968 034 25
Price from 17 €

Herdade da Aberta Nova (Biologic Farm | closed for now)

The Herdade da Aberta Nova is located in the village of Melides, Grândola, between Praia da Vigia and Praia de Aberta Nova where you can go through all the process of biological and sustainable farming, visit the crops and learn about aquaponics. The farm has also some native animals like the donkey of Mirandela or the “serpentina” goat. It's a place, where the whole family will have fun ,hence there is a lot to see and to do.Go for a visit - it is always a pleasure and a learning experience.
Location: Melides
Tel: +351 269 979 012/913 250 413 | Prices from 15€
Note: Weekend visits upon request

Troia Golf

Let yourself be inspired by one of Europe’s finest golf courses: 18 holes with a magnificent sea view. Designed by the North American golf architect Robert Trent Jones. TROIA GOLF was voted in 2011 as one of the best golf courses in the world by Rolex.
Location: Troia Resort
Tel: +351 265 494 024 | Prices from 78 €


Jeep 4x4 Off-Road | Canyoning | E-Bike Tours | Birdwatching | Walking Tours

Our local host, Silvestre, turned his experience and knowledge into his own passion : Our Alentejo. Enroll in a quest outside the main roads and unveil the paths that take you to places where nature goes freely wild to create marvelous hide outs and secret locations. This will be a day well spent and the best is, that you decide where to go, what to do or what to see. Intimate road trips ending on top of the hills with a million worthy sights while having a picnic with plenty of regional treats. Make a wish and we will make it come true.
Location: Pick up at Reserva Alecrim
Tel : + 351 911 111 127
Prices on request



A “walk” into the Past 

Castle of Santiago do Cacém - The castle of Santiago is very well preserved, with a breathtaking view that reaches from the Serra da Arrábida to the Costa Vicentina. Take a walk outside and imagine a few centuries ago... Finish the visit by climbing the walls and reflecting upon the graveyard that exists inside the walls.
Location: Santiago do Cacém

City walk inserted on the famous Santiago de Compostela peregrination - Just open to the public last April passing through a forgotten treasure where you can meet some local artisans that are taking the past wisdom of handmade products with creativity and a spirit into the future. Fall in love with this old town aged by tradition but young and curious, take a break and feel the time.
Location: Santiago do Cacém

Mirobriga - Roman Ruins - One of the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in Portugal. Although they need some vegetation upkeep, the essentials are intact and in very good condition. It is an old Roman city located near the village and parish of Santiago do Cacém, in the municipality of the same name in the south-west of Portugal. The city occupied the site of an ancient settlement in the Iron Age that existed since the 9th century BC. With Roman colonization, it developed into the commercial area around the forum. The spa, among the best preserved in Portugal, consists of two adjacent buildings, possibly one for men and the other for women.
Location: Santiago do cacém
Tel: +351 269 818 460 
Opening Hours: Monday : Closed | Tuesday to Saturday : 09h00 - 12h30| 14h00 - 17h30 | Sunday : 09h00 - 12h00| 14h00 - 17h30

Park  Rio da Figueira - Inserted in a picnic area in Santiago do Cacém this park provides public pools that were old water tanks and are perfect for whose who want to have a family barbecue in nature and relax after lunch. They have two different pools sizes: children and adults both with lifeguards, it is also equipped with a small football camp, a coffee - kiosk and lots of green areas with trees to provide shade and quiet.
Location : Park Rio da Figueira (Santiago do Cacém)
Open hours : Monday: Closed | Tuesday to Saturday: 09h00 - 19h00 | Sunday : 09h-13h| 14h00 - 19h00


Santiago do Cacém – Aldi, Intermarché, Lidl, Continente Bom Dia.
Santo André – Intermarché, Lidl, Continente Bom Dia, Pingo Doce.
Sines - Intermarché, Continente, Pingo Doce, Lidl


The best place to buy fish and revive the old marketplaces once crowded with goodies and merchants, a habit that was left behind in this modern days. Here, you will find increasingly rare species of fish, all super tasty, many of them are XXL in size and catch the eye. There are also quite a few vegetable stalls from small local producers with very good quality products : Mercado Municipal de Santiago, Mercado Municipal de Sines or Mercado Municipal de Santo André.


Cantinho do Artesanato –Ceramic Art- Go and visit this atelier that is located in Vila Nova de Santo André, in a pedestrian zone called Passeio das Barcas., near the parish council. Here you can see the local artisan Anabela and her sister Carmelita working, while you try to decide which souvenir is the best to bring back home, between representations of the old rural professions, Frida Kahlo inspired artwork, beautiful contemporary plates and typical Portuguese clay and cork work, all made with love and creativity.
Location: Passeio das Barcas (Vila Nova de Santo André)
Tel: +351  962 866 289

Carlos Campos –Wood and Cork Furniture- Most of the house decoration used in the typical Alentejo houses are made from natural materials such as wood and cork. Both materials can be found in the region and have characteristic properties, like cork as a good thermal material that can isolate heat or cold. Here you can find all type of pieces made with cork and wood.
Location: Aldeia de Santo André
Tel: +351 961 261 546


Paula Lança – Ceramics - Spend the day uncovering the interior of our council and go for a drive till Ermidas do Sado and visit the atelier of Paula Lança. This modern artisan transformed an old traditional art into a modern day artwork with pieces like pottery with red clay that goes beyond our imaginary and will look amazing in any part of your house, take home a craft piece that will always bring you back to us.
Location: Ermidas do Sado
Tel: +351 937 816 837

José Maria Dias – Replicas of Wood Animals Wagons - This craftsman is one of the few that still keeps this old profession (artisan carpenter) alive in the region beside replicating the rural wagons that were used in the old days to transport products and also a way of transportation in the region, he also do some renovation work in the ones that are still kept by some farmers and are a part of their legacy. You can take a look into the history of  the Alentejo agriculture through is work and art.
Location: Bairro do Pôr do Sol, Block 13 C, 244 (Vila Nova de Santo André)
Tel: +351 966 552 868


Lagar do Parral –Manufacturer of Olive Oil - Don’t say farewell without visiting the small shop of this old olive mill where you can find local products such as their own olive oil and vinegar or their newest product : olive soap. Besides their own products they also have regional products from others producers like homemade Jam, Fruit liquors, olive tree wood art craft and many others.
Location: Parral (five minutes walking from the Reserva Alecrim)
Tel:+351 969 000 917

Isaurinda Pereira - Arte & Traje - The dolls made of clothes are a part of the Portuguese tradition, made with old rags and filled with materials as different as hay or cotton representing some old professions like “aguadeiras” ( women that would carry and sell water in the fields), fishermen or bull fighters. Nowadays some are modern representations but you can still find some that portray the Portuguese culture like the Nazaré Dolls or the Alentejo women that work in the fields.
Location: Monte Garganás (Vila Nova de Santo André)
Tel: +351 919 165 903

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